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Hi, I'm Anna Maroudas

As a woman raised by Spartan parents, I was taught that maintaining a healthy body and belonging to a community that breathes, moves and thrives as a unit are key to performing the best in life. Inspired by my father's core values, I've spent the last 20 years exploring the world of Yoga, Nutrition, Holistic Therapies and Life Transformation Coaching.

Along my wellness journey, I've encountered personal setbacks and many inner obstacles (like you probably have). However, those challenges helped me discover that the real journey to well-being starts when I find stillness and fully embrace my inner world. This is the moment when I truly wake up.

Surrendering to my inner wisdom has empowered me to live a life aligned with my purpose: to show up fully as my most authentic self every single day and help others to wake up to their highest potential.

Since my wake-up call, I've stepped into my own power and feel called to help others rediscover their inner world of authenticity, truth and wisdom and find their path to a more joyful and fulfilled life. That is why I created AM Wellness.

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Hi, I’m Anna Maroudas.

I am a Women’s Wellness Coach, International Yoga Teacher, Holistic Therapist & Spa Consultant, and Nutritional Advisor.

I empower women to overcome self doubt and feel amazing in their bodies.

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

– Buddha

I have worked in the Wellness industry since 2002 as a holistic therapist, nutrition advisor & lecturer. I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2015 and soon after became a wellness business owner and wellness coach.

In attending the “University of Life”, as we all do, I have had first hand experience of what rock bottom looks like. Anxiety, adrenal fatigue, depression, burnout, eating disorders, lack of confidence, self sabotage, fear focused, stuck in the past, abondonment issues, business failures, intimate relationship challenges… you name it, I have had my share.


“One day you will tell your story of how you overcame whatever you went through and it will be someone else’s survival guide.”

I believe that as an established professional women, I have a responsibility to empower other women to find solutions to their life challenges and to show up as their authentic selves.

I help women step into their most magnetic, confident & empowered selves. I also encourage them share their success stories with other women, to inspire transformation from a super conscious level.

This creates waves of positivity, trust & empowerment!

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Connect to The Wise Guide inside

Practice Mindfulness

Connect to The Wise Guide inside

Balance Your Body, Mind and Soul

Find Your Flow

Balance Your Body, Mind and Soul

Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams

Enjoy a Conscious Life

Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams

My Favourite

Core Values

Core Values help us live each day with purpose. These guide us to show up fully as our most authentic selves and experience life from a place of abundance and flow.
I Am Pure Awareness
I Honor My Purpose
I Am Grateful For My Life
I Am Thriving
Self Acceptance

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