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I imagine that you could be feeling a little stuck in your life right now and not really able to identify what’s holding you back? In time’s like these, it’s very helpful to take a deeper look at your whole self – your TRUE SELF.

We are all so unique, with very individual layers that are created by our experiences in this life. We all require something a little different in order to experience those life changing moments where we can fully connect with our own truth and listen to that pure inner guidance, which will lead us to create positive shifts, that will expand our entire perspective.

Those little impacts that make a big impression on your journey, like when you’ve been stuck in life and suddenly – the stars & planets align and finally things become clear. These are the moments we will create together. These are your transformational impacts.

Together we will enjoy a very integrative journey to your Wellness. We will look at your lifestyle choices, nutritional habits, movement & exercise, mindset, goals, imbalances, challenges in your personal life, challenges in your professional life, mindfulness and self care rituals.We will also explore elements of self worth, self love and self awareness.

We can create amazing changes in your life that will truly empower you to make the impact you truly desire!

It’s important to remember that like you, I am a human being with countless experiences that continue to shape my life with beautiful highs and devastating lows. These extremes, coupled with my background in Professional Coaching, Mindfulness, Yoga and Nutritional Therapy, allow me to challenge and guide my clients, while being able to relate to the majority of their struggles.

Specifically aimed at women 30+, this is a journey of healing old wounds, self acceptance, forgiveness, new awareness and self love. The work we will do is not hard, but it will challenge you!

Do you feel the need to turn things around and start living a life that is aligned with your purpose? 

Why not book a Professional Wellness Coaching Session with me and let’s get you started on this journey!

Here's how it works

1:1 Wellness Coaching Journey

Make the commitment


All it takes is that first leap into the unknown. It often feels scary and confusing. One foot in front of the other. I’ll help you figure out the rest.

Show up for yourself


Transformation work doesn't happen over night. Trust the process.

Surrender to the inner journey


Become aware of the rewiring taking place within you.

Celebrate yourself


Acknowledge the work you have done to transform your life and celebrate this life changing achievement.

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